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Marina Martinaitene

Marina Martinaitene

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My name is Marina Martinaitene I live in Stockholm, Sweden and I have been reborning babies since 2006. Since then my works have been noticed and I have received several awards and my babies have found their new happy Mommies in many countries of the World.

Reborning was just a hobby for me in the beginning but now I do it as my full time job on professional basis.

Reborning is my love and passion and I leave a piece of my heart and soul in every baby I create.I see every doll or a doll kit I start to work with is a blank canvas which I am trying to change into a work of art with her or his own personality which is absolutely unique and different from all others. I have developed my own style and tecniques but I am always open to new trends and trying to be aware of everything new that is happening in the reboning world.

I am a member of many reborn guilds and forums to be able to keep my work up to date and to be able to use the most modern tecniques and secrets of the art of reborning.

All materials I use are non toxic non fading and durable and I do everything for my babies to become a heirloom and family treasures that can be passed from generation to generation.

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